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The Calpe Conference is an international academic conference organised by the Gibraltar National Museum on behalf of HM Government of Gibraltar, and held annually on the Rock.

The name of the conference refers to the name given to the Rock of Gibraltar in antiquity, Mons Calpe, which was regarded one of the Pillars of Hercules in classical times.

Previous conference topics have included, human evolution, heritage, natural history and conservation.

Logo No Year Conference Title
26th 2022 Palaearctic-African Bird Migration
25th 2021 Iberian Neanderthals
24th 2020 Natural History of Gibraltar: Past, Present Future
23rd 2019 Archaeological and Heritage Research in Gibraltar: the past thirty years
22nd 2018 NEANDERTHAL: The Conference
21st 2017 The Rewilding Conference
20th 2016 Past Worlds: Neanderthal and Modern Human response to climate and environment change
19th 2015 Redefining the Neanderthals
18th 2014 In the footsteps of the ancestors: a universal heritage of everyone
17th 2013 Caves as Archives: The Rock of Gibraltar as a Case Study
16th 2012 The Human niche: Ecology, Behaviour and Culture in the genus Homo
15th 2011 Bridges and Barriers: A History of the Strait of Gibraltar
14th 2010 Pleistocene Ecological Change and the Evolution of Bird Migration Systems
13th 2009 Human Evolution: 150 years after Darwin
12th 2008 The evolution of identities: Small communities in space and time
11th 2007 People in the Mediterranean: A history of interaction
10th 2006 Straits, Refuges and the Geography of Populations
9th 2005 Sentinel of the Mediterranean: Gibraltar, the Navy and the Strait
8th 2004 Perspectives on Human Origins
7th 2003 The Barbary Macaque: Biology, Management and Conservation
6th 2002 Gibraltar – Malta: History, Heritage & Identity in a Mediterranean Setting
5th 2001 Neanderthals and Modern Humans in Late Pleistocene Eurasia
4th 2000 Linking the Fragments of Paradise: An international conference on environmental conservation in small territories
3rd 1999 Gibraltar: Mediterranean History and World Heritage
2nd 1998 The First Europeans – Gibraltar ’98: 150th Anniversary of the Discovery of the Forbes’ Quarry Skull
1st 1997 European Gateway: The Strait of Gibraltar through History
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