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This is a selection of books either published by the Gibraltar National Museum or authored by our staff. Please visit our shop at the Gibraltar National Museum for a full selection of titles.

Bird Migration Between Europe and Africa

Geraldine Finlayson, Stewart Finlayson & Clive Finlayson (2022). (Hardback) Gibraltar National Museum

Monkey Tales - The Gibraltar Macaque: a Living Legacy and a Perfect Nuisance

Larry A. Sawchuk & Lianne Tripp (2019). (Paperback) Gibraltar National Museum

The Smart Neanderthal

Clive Finlayson (2019) OUP Oxford

Almost Homo Calpicus: The Early History of the Gibraltar Skull

Alex Menez (2018). (Hardback) Gibraltar National Museum

LOST WORLD: Secrets of a World Heritage Site

Stewart, Geraldine & Clive Finlayson (2017). (Hardback) Gibraltar Museum

The Improbable Primate: How Water Shaped Human Evolution

Clive Finlayson (2014) OUP Oxford. (Hardback)

A Guide to Wild Spain, Portugal and Gibraltar

Clive Finlayson, Geraldine Finlayson, Stewart Finlayson (2013). (Paperback) Santana Books, Spain

Avian Survivors: The History and Biogeography of Palearctic Birds

Clive Finlayson (2011). (Hardback) T. & A. D. Poyser

The Humans Who Went Extinct

Clive Finlayson (2009). (Hardback) OUP Oxford


Clive Finlayson (2007). (Paperback) Santana Books, Spain

The Fortifications of Gibraltar 1068-1945

Darren Fa and Clive Finlayson (2006). (Paperback) Osprey Publishing

Wonderful Rock

Clive Finlayson (2006). (Hardback) Gibraltar Museum

Neanderthals and Modern Humans

Clive Finlayson (2004). (Paperback) Cambridge University Press

Gibraltar: 300 Years of Images

Clive Finlayson (2004). (Hardback) Government of Gibraltar

Birds of Iberia

Clive Finlayson and David Tomlinson (2003). Santana Books.

Neanderthals & Modern Human in late Pleistocene Eurasia (Abstracts)

Clive Finlayson (2001). (Paperback) Gibraltar Government Heritage Publications

Neanderthals on the Edge

Chris Stringer, Nick Barton and Clive Finlayson (2000). (Hardback) Oxbow Books

Gibraltar During the Quaternary

Clive Finlayson, Geraldine Finlayson and Darren Fa (2000). (Paperback) The Gibraltar Government Heritage Division

Gibraltar at the End of the Millennium: A Portrait of a Changing Land

Clive Finlayson and Geraldine Finlayson (1999). (Paperback) Aquila Services Ltd

A Birdwatchers’ Guide to Southern Spain and Gibraltar

Clive Finlayson (1993). (Paperback) Prion

Birds of the Strait of Gibraltar

Clive Finlayson (1992). (Hardcover) Academic Press

The Flowers and Wildlife of Gibraltar

John Cortes and Clive Finlayson (1988). (Paperback) Ashford, Buchan & Enright

The Birds of Gibraltar

John Cortes, Clive Finlayson, Mario Mosquera, M. A. J. & E. F. J. Garcia (1980). (Hardcover) Gibraltar Bookshop

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