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The Gibraltar National Museum will once again be offering the very popular ‘Walks Through History’ on Wednesday mornings from 10:00-11:30 during the from 24th July to 28th August as part of the Summer Sports and Leisure Programme. As in other years, these walks are designed for children between 9 and 12 years of age.

Catering specifically to children aged between 9 and 12 years, these immersive walks have consistently been a hit among young explorers seeking to delve into the rich tapestry of Gibraltar's past. Led by our knowledgeable guides, the children embark on a fascinating journey through time, as they traverse different parts of Gibraltar and engage in captivating discussions about its history.

From the iconic landmarks that adorn the Rock to the hidden nooks and crannies that hold secrets untold, these 'Walks Through History' provide a unique opportunity for children to uncover the hidden treasures of Gibraltar's past. Whether it's exploring the ancient caves that sheltered our earliest inhabitants, retracing the steps of legendary conquerors, or learning about the customs and traditions that have shaped the Gibraltarian community, each walk presents a new chapter in the unfolding story of Gibraltar.

These enchanting tours not only nurture a sense of wonder and curiosity but also foster a deeper appreciation for the cultural heritage that surrounds the children in their everyday lives. By immersing themselves in the vibrant history of their homeland, the young participants become custodians of their heritage, carrying the torch of knowledge and preserving the legacy for future generations.

Parents or guardians are welcome to accompany the children but there is a limit on numbers, so children will take priority. The maximum number per group is 15. Bookings will be on a ‘first come, first served’ basis, but please be aware that given the popularity of these events in past years, it is essential to pre-book via the Gibraltar National Museum; unfortunately, we will NOT be able to take on children who turn up on the day without having booked beforehand.


2024 Programme:

  • Wed 24-Jul    Tour: Discover the History of Rosia Bay
  • Wed 31-Jul    Tour: Gibraltar’s Impressive City Walls
  • Wed 07-Aug   Tour: Neanderthals and Dolphins: a Boat Tour of the Gorham’s Cave Complex*
  • Wed 14-Aug   Tour: Secrets of the WWII Tunnels
  • Wed 21-Aug   Tour: Explore the 18th Century Great Siege Tunnels
  • Wed 28-Aug   Tour: Discover the Moorish Castle from top to bottom

*Please note this tour starts at the earlier time of 09:00 and children must be accompanied by an adult on this tour.

Tel: 200 74289

Published: July 03, 2024

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