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We ended 2020 with the unveiling of our latest ancient human reconstruction – a Bronze Age man from Bray’s Cave in Gibraltar.

You sent us your name suggestions and we are very pleased to have received so many! We have now shortlisted these to just five names, each with a particular meaning:

  • Brayman – the man from Bray’s Cave, the location where he was buried.
  • Gibray – this name combines Gibraltar and Bray’s Cave.
  • Gib-Son – the son of Gibraltar.
  • Lithos – from the Greek word for stone or rock.
  • Yantar – meaning amber in Russian (he was from the Russian steppe and buried with an amber bead).

Vote for your favourite here! ?️

The poll will end at 12:00 on Monday 8th February 2021.

Please note only votes received via the StrawPoll link will be counted.

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