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The next in the Gibraltar Museum’s Lecture Series will be a presentation by its Director, Professor Clive Finlayson. Professor Finlayson will review the extensive research that he has co-directed over two decades and which has brought to light the richness of our Medieval Heritage. Gradually, a subterranean city has emerged from the rubble and one which we can reconstruct by combining archaeology with historical references.

The lecture will draw from personal experience of having had the unique opportunity of excavating our Medieval urban heritage. From Galley House to Castle to Mosque, this is a story of a vibrant city that once held control over the Strait of Gibraltar. It is also a story of how much vital information of our past is held within the ancient buildings and structures underground.

The lecture is this Thursday, 22nd February, at the John Mackintosh Hall at 7pm. Entry is free.

Published: February 19, 2018

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