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Modern History North Mole

This was formerly known as the Commercial Mole and the original idea for its construction was that the Colony of Gibraltar would pay 4/7ths of the cost of its construction which had been estimated at £700,000. Given the extensive works on the naval dockyard, it was felt that a facility for commercial ships was much needed. The idea had been that the Colony was to pay its share in the form of an annuity of £14,000 per annum, over a period of 57 years from the date of the opening of the Mole. The mole was completed by 1905.

In the end the Admiralty decided to retain full possession of the portion of the mole west of the viaduct, including the plant which had been purchased for use in dealing with merchandise. The Colony would only retain the portion east of the viaduct. A new wharf was eventually built there. It is the shorter mole to the right of the 1920s photograph, where the Mons Calpe used to berth.

After 1922, the coal sheds on the western arm and № 1 jetty were let to coal merchants and № 5 jetty was used by the Eastern Telegraph Company, so part of the North Mole effectively became a commercial area as originally planned.

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