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Following the Gibraltar National Museum's work with the Faculty of Science at Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU), the Executive Dean at the Faculty has announced two professorial appointments. These professorial appointments have been awarded to Clive and Geraldine Finlayson in recognition of the work they have contributed to the collaboration. This has involved active participation of LJMU students in the annual excavations at the Gorham’s Cave Complex UNESCO World Heritage Site and also in the setting up of baseline studies for the monitoring condition state of the site using biological indicators.

Geraldine Finlayson has been appointed Adjunct Professor. She is a biogeographer who has dedicated a large part of her research to the study of Gibraltar’s palaeolandscapes in the wider context of the Iberian Peninsula. Geraldine is also a co-ordinator of the UNESCO World Heritage Site and is particularly involved in the management of the site.

Clive Finlayson has been appointed Visiting Professor. He is the Chief Scientist and Curator at the Gibraltar National Museum. His principal areas of research have been the study of the evolutionary ecology of birds, particularly in the Palaearctic Region, and of Neanderthals. He is Director of the UNESCO World Heritage Site and works closely with Geraldine on research and management of the site.

Published: October 03, 2018

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