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Booth’s diaries

Continuing with William Booth's diary...

“Camp Battery situated at the extremity of the Ground, where formerly a Regiment encamped the last Siege and has since been made use of for that purpose until the Navy had a grant of it for the Building the said Hospital having made a small jettee to secure their boats and a crain at top to hoist up their materials.

This Battery is mounted with two guns which command this islet and also a tract of ground very steep and full of Palmetto’s which rises from the seaside to the Rocks at the foot of an old ruined Guard Room called the Prospect House and where with great difficulty a person may climb up, from hence the Rocks run in a very irregular manner, but in precipices towards the sea to the Little Bay 300 yards over with a tolerable landing for a few boats, but then it is surrounded with precipices and in order to make it still more difficult, are two walls built which make the ascent there almost an impossibility.

This part has a Corporal’s Guard on the top which commands every part of the Bay; at some distance from thence in the Road to Europa has been an Old Wall which prevented the advancing from Europa to the Town but at present is broke down and gone to ruin, it seems that the repairing this Pass would be extremely necessary in case of a landing at Europa.

From hence to the Magazine where the Wall begins again the Rock run irregular and inaccessible from 100 feet to 130 feet in height and leaves no room for getting up or landing.”

Image: Late 19th century photograph of Guard at Camp Bay

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