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Booth’s diaries

Continuing with William Booth's diary...

“From the New Mole or Rosia, the Line Wall is continued and raised in all places where there is the least appearance of climbing up from the Sea and continued from the North part of Rosia Bay, where it is formed in several batteries which are mounted with cannon that flank the said Bay.

The Front has four guns whose arches are masked by reason of the floors not being above 14 feet high from without. This wall is joined to several returns continued to the South point which defend extremely well this part and makes the landing there dangerous and impracticable. The Wall that fronts this Bay is defective by not having a continued Rampart ground which would not only strengthen it but be of great service in moving and placing the artillery so as to continue and multiply fire on the Enemy according to their motions but it has only a Banguette or foot bank of 3 feet six inches broad capable of containing a musqueteer whereas the Rampart would supply for both fires at once.

From the South point of this Bay, the Rock ascends but the Wall is still continued (though inaccessible from the Sea) to a single Gun raised the Parsons Battery which looks into a small Bay where the Navy hoisted up stores for the building their Navy Hospital. This part is mounted with 15 cannon of different natures.

From the Parsons Battery the wall discontinues as the Rock rises from the Sea and is above 120 feet in height and inaccessible. But from thence lowers and falls to a part where the Rock breaks off and leaves an opening of about 30 feet in length where a wall is built for two guns but one only mounted. The Rocks below are broke and extreme ragged from thence to Camp Bay, where it was thought necessary in some parts without, to have 3 different walls from Rock to Rock in order to prevent the least possibility of ascending.”

Image: 19th Century drawing of Gibraltar showing the southern defences

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