Stewart Finlayson

Director, Natural History Department

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Born: Gibraltar, 1983
Educated: Gibraltar
Alma mater: University of Derby
Position: Director, Natural History Department
Publications: Various books and academic papers (see Publications)
Research Interests: Neanderthal exploitation of birds;
Birds as indicators of paleoclimate;
Bat ecology in southern Iberia and the Strait of Gibraltar.

Stewart Finlayson, PhD, is the Director of the Gibraltar Museum’s Natural History Department. He was awarded his PhD by Anglia Ruskin University for his thesis "Birds in the Neanderthal ecological niche - using birds from Pleistocene cave archives to characterise the relationship between Neanderthals and birds". Stewart is also working on birds as climate indicators, trying to establish what habitats looked like based on the bird species found in Gibraltar’s fossil record.

Stewart’s passion has always been birds, and he has been involved in various studies around Iberia alongside his parents Clive and Geraldine. He also leads on a study of Chiroptera in Gibraltar since 2013 called Gib-Bats and heads the museum’s Caving Unit.

Stewart is a successful wildlife photographer, member of the Royal Photographic Society and has published his works in various books and magazines. He has co-authored of ‘A Guide to Wild Spain, Portugal and Gibraltar’ published by Santana books.