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Visiting the World Heritage Site

Tours of Gorham’s Cave

Gorham’s and Vanguard Caves are spectacularly sited on the eastern shore of Gibraltar, and visiting them is a very memorable experience. However, they are moderately difficult/difficult to access on foot. No visits are allowed within 48 hours of bad weather, and visits may have to be postponed at short notice if the weather is adverse.

Areas of the sea cave complex that can be visited and numbers of visitors allowed may vary from time to time. The standard tour, for up to 6 people, is to the entrance of Gorham’s Cave, but not inside, in order to protect the fragile archaeological deposits. All visits must be escorted by guides from the Gibraltar National Museum.

Weekly tours down to the sea caves are typically available between 1st July and 31st October, weather permitting, with prior arrangement.

Places will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis, and there may be a waiting list.

There is a small charge for visitors.

To book a tour, please email

Please read the Visitor Advice Note here.

Viewing Platform at
Europa Advance Road

In December 2017 a new viewing platform was opened at 1st/2nd Europa Advance Batteries, Europa Advance Road, to provide greater access to the World Heritage Site without damaging the fragile archaeological deposits. The caves themselves are subject to an annual quota of visitors because of their archaeological sensitivity.

From the viewing platform there is a spectacular view of the whole World Heritage Site, from the sea caves to the highest point of the Rock at O’Hara’s Battery by the top of the Mediterranean Steps footpath and nature trail. There are interpretation panels on Neanderthals and the Gorham’s Cave Complex, information on the history of the Strait of Gibraltar, and on our exceptional natural heritage. In addition to the interpretation panels, the Gibraltar National Museum has specialist staff on site who look after visitors and explain directly the values that they are observing from this unique location.

Opening hours

Mondays to Fridays: 10.00hrs to 14.00hrs.

Weekends and public holidays: Closed.

Special arrangements to open additional hours will be made for organised groups by prior appointment. Please email or telephone (+350) 200 74289.

Access is free to Gibraltar Identity Card holders; there is a small charge for other visitors. A discounted joint ticket is available for purchase on site or at the Gibraltar National Museum to visit both these sites.

There is parking on site for a small number of vehicles.

The viewing platform is accessible for people of all abilities.

Mediterranean Steps

The Mediterranean Steps is a path and nature trail in the Upper Rock area of the Gibraltar Nature Reserve. Most of the trail is within the inscribed World Heritage Site of the Gorham's Cave Complex as much of the natural vegetation along the path has remained largely unchanged for thousands of years, providing visitors with a unique glimpse of the environment which has existed since Neanderthal times.

Starting at Martin's Path by Jew's Gate on the western slopes of the Rock of Gibraltar, the trail guides the visitor around the southern extremities of the Rock until joining Mediterranean Steps proper on the eastern side. The steps zig-zag up the steep cliffs to near the summit at Lord Airey's and O'Hara's Batteries. Visitors will pass by a pair of natural caves known as Goat's Hair Twin Caves on the way as well as various old military installations, while enjoying spectacular views across the Strait of Gibraltar and Mediterranean Sea.

Opening hours

Mondays to Sundays, from 09.00hrs to 18.15hrs.

Access is free to Gibraltar Identity Card holders; visitors access is included in the Nature Reserve fee which is available for a small charge on entry to the Reserve.

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