Francisco J. Giles Guzmán

Senior Scientific & Conservation Officer - Palaeolithic Archaeology

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Born: Jerez de la Frontera, Spain, 1976
Educated: Spain
Alma mater: University of Cádiz
Position: Senior Scientific & Conservation Officer – Palaeolithic Archaeology
Publications: Various academic papers (see Publications)
Research Interests: -

Francisco J. Giles Guzmán is an Archaeologist with a BA in History from the University of Cádiz. Francisco has directed several archaeological excavations in the province of Cádiz, Spain, including in places such as El Puerto de Santa María, Jerez de la Frontera, Chiclana or Puerto Real among others. He has collaborated in excavations and other projects focusing on the Palaeolithic such as at Orce (Granada), Atapuerca (Burgos), Abric Romaní (Barcelona), Higueral of Valleja (Arcos, Cádiz) or the archaeological surveys project of the Guadalete River basin.

Locally, Francisco has worked as a lead researcher since 1998 focusing on Gibraltar's prehistory, but also covering the medieval period. This includes excavations at Gorham's Cave, Vanguard Cave, Forbes' Quarry and Bray's Cave within the Gibraltar Caves Project. He has also co-directed urban excavations at sites such as the Gate of Granada or Grand Casemates Square among others, as well as participating in the restoration of the Moorish Castle's Tower of Homage and Moorish Baths under the direction of the Gibraltar National Museum.

As one of the Museum’s in-house archaeologists, Francisco coordinates the annual archaeological excavations at the Gorham’s Cave Complex and supervises all conservation works on site. He is responsible for the conservation and cataloguing of all the excavated artefacts and management of their related data. Francisco also monitors the caves regularly in order to ensure the deposits are always in a good state of conservation. He is an active researcher with particular interests in lithic technology and analysis of the fossil record. Francisco also has an advisory role within the Museum’s Education Department.

The results of this work has been published in numerous international scientific journals such as Nature or Quaternary International as well as in local and regional media. Francisco has also hosted conferences in different institutions and presented at both national and international fora:

  • 1st Andalusian Congress on Speleology "Ronda 2002"
  • 4th National Meeting of Geoarchaeology - Almazán (Soria), September 2002
  • 4th Meeting of Iberian Quaternary, Gibraltar, September 2005
  • 2nd Conference on Prehistory and Archaeology of the Campo de Gibraltar, 2009
  • The Neanderthal Home: Spatial and Social Behaviours, Capellades, Tarragona 2009
  • First International Conference on Ceramic Studies. Tribute to Dr. Mercedes Vega. Cadiz. 2010
  • First Conference on New Research Trends in Funerary Archaeology. Cadiz. 2010
  • From the Rabita to the Villa. First Conference on  of Archaeology and History of Rota. 2010
  • First International Congress on Prehistory, Early History and Roman Era in the Western Betics. Ronda 2015

During his previous employment at ERA Laboratorio de Arqueología Experimental, Fran coordinated various educational and museographic tasks, such as the implementation of the Ethnographic Museum of Medina Sidonia, co-authoring an educational book on the Intercontinental Biosphere Reserve or the restoration and improvement of the 'Gallinero' Roman kiln in Puerto Real (Cádiz).