Gibraltar Museum



It is with great pleasure that I write these words of introduction to our new Gibraltar Museum website. Its launch follows the opening of brand new exhibition galleries, with the ground floor aimed at focusing on Gibraltar's new UNESCO World Heritage Site and also telling the story of the discoveries in anthropology, archaeology and biology which have been made in Gibraltar since the 18th Century and the first floor focusing on Gibraltar’s rich natural, military and social histories.

Gibraltar is a very special place and is a living museum in its own right. The role of the Gibraltar Museum is to act as a focal point from where visitors can go out and explore the rest of Gibraltar. We have been active in social media for some time now and this new web site adds a new dimension to our work and the unique story which we are privileged to tell. Keep visiting this page as we will be constantly updating it. I hope that you will enjoy its contents.

Clive Finlayson


Great Auk

7,500 years ago

Glass Fire Grenades

Late 19th and early 20th centuries

Islamic Lamp


Waterport Postcard

Early 20th century

GBC TV Studio Camera


Maltese-style Horse-drawn Gharry

19th and 20th centuries

Glass Amphoriskos

5th century BCE

Solutrean Flint Arrowhead

20,000 years ago

Spotted Hyaena Mandible

50,000 years ago