The Next Talk in the Museum Lecture

Dr Geraldine Finlayson of the Gibraltar Museum will be presenting a lecture entitled “Ice Ages and Climate Change”.

The topic of climate change is often in the news, and there is no doubt that it is the major environmental problem facing the globe at present. Whether we humans are responsible for some of the changes that we are experiencing at present or not, this phenomenon is not new; the Earth has been experiencing climate change in one form or another for thousands of years.

This lecture will explore the processes that are at work on a planetary scale and illustrate the reasons for the changes that the Earth has experienced, and that it will continue to experience, long after we are gone.

The lecture is open to all, and will be held at the John Mackintosh Hall on Thursday 29th October, 2015, at 7pm. Entrance is free.

For further information please contact Dr Geraldine Finlayson at the Gibraltar Museum on telephone +(350) 200 74289.