Latest human-like fossil discovery to be presented at this year’s Calpe Conference

News of the discovery of a new human-like species from South Africa – named Homo naledi – made world headlines last week. This new species is thought to be an early representative of the human family and the report of the discovery of 15 partial skeletons is indeed a major discovery. The researchers involved have described the discovery as having the potential to change our ideas about our human ancestors.

Two of the researchers viagra pas cher – Professor John Hawks and Dr Davorka Radovcic – will be guest speakers at next week’s Calpe Conference and they have agreed to offer an extra talk specifically to describe the details of their discoveries. This will be the first time that the results are presented in Europe since the publication of the paper. The special talk will be presented during the first day of the conference, Thursday 24th September at 1330 hours. It will be held at the University and will be open to all persons registered for the conference.

Gibraltar residents are reminded that registration is free and that they may obtain further details from the Gibraltar Museum website or directly from the Gibraltar Museum reception desk.